Let’s shape the future of Middlesex together

We’ve worked with our global community of staff, students, governors and partners to develop this Strategy to move our University towards a successful future where our knowledge can shape a better world.

We’re very pleased to share our MDX Strategy.

Introducing the strategy

“By 2031 Middlesex will be a successful global university, operating at new levels of accessibility, working in new forms of partnership with practice and developing new understandings of the world through which our growing community influence it for the good.”

Hear from Vice-Chancellor Nic Beech >

Our strategy proposal

Where we are going

Our proposal for what we will do towards 2031 and how we will do it.

Our vision, mission and values >

How we will get there

We will move forward with purpose using two strategic priorities and three activities of focus.

Our strategic priorities and focus >

Our distinctive is approach built around partnerships, networks and our chosen themes.

Our approach to shaping a better world >

How we will ensure success

We will harness our existing strengths and focus our efforts to work most effectively.

Enablers for success >

The context for our strategy

Our approach is evidence-based and will be shaped by bringing the outside in.

More on internal and external context >

Engage with our strategy

These ideas are a starting point – now it is over to you. We want to hear what you think of this proposal.

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