Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nic Beech, outlines his vision for Middlesex University 2031.

Knowledge into action

I feel privileged to be leading our global university into the next decade as we begin our new chapter with a renewed sense of confidence, ambition and community.

We are united by a shared purpose: creating knowledge and putting it into action. Our three strategic priorities are: to provide transformative education; to create knowledge that impacts on global challenges; and to develop an action-oriented, high-performing learning culture.  As staff and students we aspire to be a diverse, inclusive and equitable community with a strong sense of belonging and mutual pride in our achievements.

We are distinctive in the practice-oriented way we educate, research and engage with society. We are an inclusive community and co-lead the shaping of our University community with our students and Students’ Union.

We are radically creative, excelling in how we collaborate to find solutions to complex problems, taking risks with our thinking, actively learning and looking beyond the way things have always been to see how they can be better.  We value simplicity in our systems and processes and we are clear about our priorities, empowering staff to take decisions and reducing unhelpful complexity.

We are passionate about making high-quality education accessible to all through flexible modes of learning. Our teaching changes lives locally, nationally and globally, enabling our students to shape their own lives and the world around them. Our practice-centred approach means that our students can flourish in society and the world of work because they have developed the skills and mind-set of entrepreneurialism, social justice and sustainable change.

Our research and engagement create impact in the public realm, improving equality, diversity and inclusion. We contribute to improvements in vital issues concerning social justice, culture, health, sustainability and prosperity, where it is imperative to undertake excellent research, using cutting-edge methods and working across boundaries to achieve outcomes which are genuinely inclusive in their impact.

Middlesex is a distinctive type of university – one focused on dynamism, relevance and having low and porous boundaries so that we can operate flexibly in a network of partners. Formed from a unique combination of practitioners, academics, professional services, organisations, students and alumni we develop collaborative advantage and achieve sector-leading quality in what we choose to do.

During our strategy formation our community made over 4,000 contributions to its development – just one measure of everyone’s passion and commitment to the change we can make in the world and the power of belonging to the Middlesex community. We are proud of our global Middlesex family and our role in supporting each other’s learning and shaping a better world.

Professor Nic Beech



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