Sustainable solutions

Locally, nationally, and around the world, we support people to make their communities more sustainable and to protect the environment.

We know that change starts at home so across our campuses we are taking steps and collaborating with students and staff to accelerate our progress to sustainability.

Sustainability on our campuses

Calculating higher education carbon footprints in Mauritius

Researchers in Mauritius have developed MAU Carbon Footprint, a mobile-based carbon footprint calculator specifically for staff in higher education. The tool gives staff advice on reducing their individual carbon emissions and changing their lifestyle.

Beyond universities, it gives us useful data on the overall effectiveness of calculators for changing behaviour.

Making the UK fashion industry more sustainable

In London, the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development supports fashion entrepreneurs to reduce the large negative environmental impact of their sector. Our research helps innovative designers to develop new business models with sustainability at their heart and to overcome barriers to change.

Reducing, reusing and recycling in Dubai

Our Institute for Sustainable Development in Dubai incorporates sustainability into the student experience in a practical way. Through the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ programme and recycling initiative #Simplybottles, they have diverted over 60,000 plastic bottles from reaching landfills and almost eliminated single-use plastic.

Your contributions on sustainability

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