Introducing our strategy

We’ve worked with staff, students, governors and partners to set out these first ideas and priorities as we move our University towards a successful future in 2031.

This is an evolving and iterative process throughout which our global community has engaged and contributed their ideas, reflections and questions.

We’re very pleased to share with you our MDX 2031 Strategy so far.

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Our Integrating Themes

Equity and improvements in health and wellbeing

We take action to make health care better for those who need it and to improve physical, mental and social health and wellbeing in all parts of society.

More on health and wellbeing

Inclusive socio-economic development and enriching lives through culture

We believe that entrepreneurship, culture and creativity can build a more equal, caring and prosperous society that enriches individuals, communities and organisations.

More on socio-economic development and culture 

Sustainability of communities and the environment

Locally, nationally, and around the world, we support people to make their communities more sustainable and fairer and to protect the environment.

More on sustainability

Communities of Practice – how we work

Action groups called communities of practice are central to our collaborative working culture. They connect our community and bring together skills and expertise so we can create knowledge and put it into action.

How we use Communities of Practice

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How we developed our strategy

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Got more to say?

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Our plans for what we will do towards 2031 and how we will do it.